This is me

I'm a gay man who is passionate and non-judgmental. My approach is strong and supportive in a "best friend" kind of way. I feel most connected to women and fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community, and I want to support others who grew up feeling like I did.


I was always a people pleaser seeking approval. I played the crazy extremes, throwing myself out there and facing my fears, only to retreat when I got a negative reaction. I was constantly judging myself and had no self-confidence. I embraced other people's opinions instead of my own. I could not handle failure.


At 34, I realized, oh, f**k, time is moving and I'm exhausted. I spent years being someone I thought others wanted me to be in order to feel safe in this world. Nothing felt right, from the career I'd chosen to waking up with a knot of dread in my stomach. I needed to do something different.


After therapy to work through what was holding me back and fourteen years building strong relationships as a master colorist at high-end salons, I figured out what I needed -to help others like me. Years ago, I was asked to do a demo for my salon. Working with my therapist, I developed a presentation on handling stress in the salon environment, dealing with people, and not taking things personally. The response I got from my coworkers was eye-opening - I wanted to learn and do more! I enrolled in The Life Coach School and earned my certification in life coaching.


Everything changed after that. I finally feel like I'm living my life on my terms, and my choices are my own. I've found my space, and I'm proud to take it. I would love to help you find yours.